Babypod: Useless Pregnancy Crap

Has The HUFFPOST gone the way of The Onion?!  Offering satirical faux news stories to give us a laugh??  Well, this latest article from HUFFPOST Parents has gone one step too far.  Actually now that I sit to type this the laughs are rolling in.  So Thank You HP for the laughs and subsequent boost in oxytocin.  Two thumbs up for getting me to smile within minutes of starting my day.  Now on to the useless pregnancy crap referred to in the title of this post: Babypod, a “musical tampon”.


Okay, OK…I’ll wait for you to stop laughing…

These people are serious.  AND HP’s Caroline Bologna even qualifies it in her subtitle “And doctors say it safe.”

Let’s break down the ridiculousness of this:

  1. a musical tampon…I don’t even like plain regular cotton tampons.  Am I now suppose to enjoy putting something that has a string tether pull in my vagina because it makes music?
  2. it has holes, literally…how am I supposed to keep the teeny tiny holes in this thing hygenic?
  3. they’ve “completed a study”…they used this on 106 expectant mothers.  C’mon in the world of pregnancy that’s soo not statistically significant.  I feel like I shouldn’t even be discussing this.  But maybe because I haven’t had any coffee or gotten out of my jammies I’m not yet in my right mind.  Let’s proceed…
  4. they say it’s exciting because when this speaker was used internally they could see babies moving their mouths, tongues, and heads in response to the music…think back to a time when you got into your car early in the morning after a long and late party night and to your shock and awe your car’s stereo BLASTED whatever you were listening to the night before… my guess is you moved your head, and possibly your mouth and tongue, in shock and awe.  Listen fine people, just because a baby moves does not mean said baby is pleased.  File that for future reference when you’re a parent.
  5. in a video trying to sell us on this stupid device one of the doctors states the uterus is a sound proof environment, and this is a way to communication safely with baby in utero…isn’t just talking to baby with our voices effective enough?  And if the uterus is soundproof, then how do babies know the sound of voices their mother’s voice and others they were surrounded by during pregnancy?

Please, let’s keep our senses about us.  And refuse to buy in to one more useless piece of plastic.

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