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From Birth to Real Estate

I know, I can hear you now… “how does someone go from birth work to real estate?!” Well, the line may not be a direct one still let’s see if we can trace it from one to the other… As

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Back To School: Doula for Mom

Mom's Corner: a place for mom to just be comfortable.

So a birth doula is around for women and their families during pregnancy, labor, and birth.  But what does a doula do when none of her clients are in labor?  Well, me…I am out and about in my community!  Not

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Pregnancy Photo Shoot: Yes or No?

pregnancy photo shoot

I have had the pleasure of sitting down with the best pregnancy photographer in my area, Brandi Morris.  (Enchanted Forest Photography’s Sheri Kendrick takes the cake for best baby photog in town!)  Through our conversation my opinion of pregnancy photo

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Dear Doula: MORNING Sickness ?!?

morning sickness

Remember “Dear Abby” columns which gave women, and men, advice on just about anything?  Well, here is my version, “Dear Doula” for answers to many questions pregnant women, and their partners, often ask…starting with morning sickness! This morning, I received

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Birth Preparation Classes: Which One to Pick?!

birth preparation classes

Birth preparation classes come in many forms.  Here we will review some of the most popular in the country.  There are classes unique to your region developed by birth professionals. Bradley Method This is the most in-depth course. The length

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