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In one of my online Mommy & Me groups one mother recently posted she was looking for a meal replacement shake:

“I’m determined to get rid of this baby weight starting in the new year so I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions for the best type of meal replacement shake?”

Yes, one solution to loosing postpartum baby weight is to shake it off!  (and yes, Taylor Swift is ringing in my ears ; )  There are many nutritional shakes available nowadays.  Here we’ll discuss and compare some of the most popular and longstanding brands: Almased, Shakeology, ProFit, and Usana

Almased is made in St Petersburg and has similar nutritional numbers to Shakeology, and the price of those two is about the same ($130 per month, gives 1 – 2 shakes per day).  Those two have higher gram counts of sugar and calories, about 16g sugar and 120 calories per serving.  Almased can be purchased online or at stores like GNC and Walgreens.

Shakeology you order through a Team Beachbody coach.  It can be bundled with other products or workouts.  Working with your coach you can make it as fancy as designing a meal and workout plan and participating in an accountability group, or keep it as simple as just ordering your shake.  Your coach will help you find the best route for you.

ProFit, is made by It Works! (a homeopathic wellness company with that “Crazy Wrap Thing” :).  I’m a distributor for It Works so I know the most about that one.  It has a highest protein level, 14grams, with a lower sugar count, about 1gram.  Helpful for post workout and postpartum because protein is important for stamina.  And a lower calorie count for weight loss (100 calories per serving). So if you’re using a shake because you aren’t able to eat, as in ‘sit and eat’ enough meals (like I was when my son was new) but still want to have energy, this could be a good one.  A one month supply can be as low as $69. Plus with each month’s order customers get 10% back in product credit.

Last but certainly not least Usana’s Nutrimeal.  Another product to buy from a consultant.  I’ve used this one as meal replacement when attending births as a doula.  The bag has about 15 servings (like the Almased) and is about $35 per bag.  The vitamin and mineral contents are good, yet the calorie count was too much for what I was looking for at the time, 220 calories.  This one could be perfect for moms who aren’t getting enough calories and nutrients from other sources.

I’ve attached a photo with a comparison chart of these (except Almased) and others you may have considered.

And as always, feel free to email questions to me: 🙂


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