Pregnancy Photo Shoot: Yes or No?

I have had the pleasure of sitting down with the best pregnancy photographer in my area, Brandi Morris.  (Enchanted Forest Photography’s Sheri Kendrick takes the cake for best baby photog in town!)  Through our conversation my opinion of pregnancy photo shoots changed dramatically.  When we initially planned our time to talk, my purpose was to gather information to write a blog on a trendy, upscale thing to do during pregnancy.  Many of my clients have photo sessions during their pregnancies.  Several of my clients had used Brandi.  So I had an in and we sat for a chat.

In preparing for my time with Morris I thought up a few questions that seemed relevant:

  • When is the best time in pregnancy for a photo-shoot?
  • What should a woman wear for a pregnancy photo-shoot?
  • Where do you like shooting the most?

At the time those questions seemed like a decent start, not great, but good enough to get a blog post out of.  By the end of our 45 minutes together my mind was completely changed on the importance of pregnancy photo-shoots!  Here’s a portion of our talk:

Jenna: “Why did you get into photography?”

Brandi: “When I was 16 my long term memory was lost; so, in order to keep a record of special moments, I began taking pictures.”


Jenna: “Brandi, what led you to switch your focus as a photographer from shooting weddings to photographing women during their pregnancies?”

Brandi: “Weddings are beautiful, one-day events that the marrying couple plan down to the smallest detail.  While weddings are special days, there is a lot of stress involved.  There can be chaos.  Shooting in the middle of that kind of environment became less fun for me.”


Brandi: “By photographing women near the end of their pregnancies, my hope is to show her beauty during pregnancy.   My goal is for her to see herself as artwork. “

Jenna: “So, instead of shooting planned, stressful events and making them look more beautiful in a picture, you now focus your time on capturing the beauty that comes with pregnancy.  Do I have that right?”

Brandi: “Yeah.  And the gowns we use combined with the setting all work together to elevate the experience.”

Jenna: “How is the location chosen?  I’ve noticed none of your pregnancy photo-shoots are done in a studio.”

Brandi: “That’s right.  That’s on purpose.  The clients choose where they want to be photographed.  Usually they pick a place where they already love to be.  Some chose a park, or the beach, one couple chose the pool in the community where they lived.  After dealing with the police that had been called by neighbors, it turned out to be an amazing underwater photo-shoot!”

Right, so lesson learned, in a public place no permission is needed, but in a community with a home owners association, it’s best to at least let the HOA know in advance.

After talking with Brandi Morris about pregnancy photo-shoots, I came to understand them as more than a vanity shoot.  Taking pictures during pregnancy can help women see the beauty in their changing bodies.  Whether the pictures are taken by a professional out in nature, or if they are taken at home in the hallway by someone who loves you.  Take pictures of yourself during pregnancy.  Even if you feel like a “big, fat cow” (as one client explained how she was feeling one day when I asked) you really are more beautiful than you feel.


” My goal is for her to see herself as artwork.” – Brandi

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