7 Doula Scenes in Orange Is The New Black

or at least scenes that show how doulas work

In season 4: E11 of Orange Is The New Black there are many moments that can illustrate how a doula works. Now I’ll do my best to keep the secrets of the twists and turns safe while using the show to help people see what a doula is, does, and how a doula can be a valuable asset during labor day.

1. In the scene when Nikki gets helped during withdrawal is gorge first scene when using this show as an example came to mind. It’s a great way to see how a doula just knowing what tools to use, and when, can be helpful at just the right time. Nikki was like ‘wth is this for’ and the other woman was like ‘it came to mind to use this and now here it is’. When I saw that it felt like the tool made the experience a little easier to deal with.

2. When Sofia’s wife searched for the evidence needed which (…almost gave away too much here). That’s like when a doula knows where to go to get information for her clients.

3. Another note… a doula also can not be of value. (Jessica [Stephens] can attest to.)
Example: Susanne gets blue legged. And that one CO during night shift who visits the other one and leaves that book…like why tf did he leave That book?…not appropriate for that time and place.

4. Around minute 37 the dialog between Caputo and MCC, show the difference between how a good doula talks and someone who is not a well trained doula talks.

5. The CO’s monologue around minute 47 is how everyone should avoid behaving.

6. The reason any of that matters is because…remember how Healey felt when he was by himself? That’s how a woman can feel after a labor experience in which she felt like she did everything “right” and still it all went wrong.
In fact around minute 56 Healy is like a partner(and I wrote that before seeing the real end).

7. And did you notice during the Susanne scene how clear it was that she needed help? I was yelling “HELP Her!” at the t.v. Yes, it’s that clear when a woman needs help during labor. And the glory of having a doula is that she knows How to help.

So, if you’re a woman wanting a doula and your partner doesn’t understand why…watch this episode together. Then use the points in this blog as a discussion helper.

Or if you’re a doula who has watched this episode let’s discuss. Leave a comment her or Friend me on Facebook.

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