From Birth to Real Estate

I know, I can hear you now… “how does someone go from birth work to real estate?!”

Well, the line may not be a direct one still let’s see if we can trace it from one to the other…

As with most life changing decisions the one to move on from birth work was long in the making.  Truth be told the itch for a change began about six months ago.  I didn’t know what it was.  I just knew something wasn’t right…some part of life was off.  Cleaning out the closets, rearranging the furniture, taking new personal development courses…none of that “fixed” this feeling that was looming.

And then it happened…

After an afternoon at the beach with my boyfriend we stopped by a friend’s office.  My boyfriend was investing in a house, and our friends were his real estate agents.  While they were taking care of escrow deposits and signing contracts, I was listening to all of the conversations happening around me.  And just like that, bells were going off in my head, figuratively.

It all made sense.  The conversations that were being had sounded like music to my ears.  For the first time in months excitement was building within me.

Now let me be clear, birth work is a beautiful way to provide value to families.  It’s also a set of services that many families are not yet aware of, or comfortable with.  Before you start thinking: “she’s just not busy” or “Jenna is quitting because she doesn’t know how to be profitable,” know that my birth doula calendar is consistently full, as in sold out, at capacity months in advance.  And I am the highest paid doula in the Tampa Bay Area.  SO, if filling my calendar and being the highest paid are not the reasons, then why?  Because the way it all works creates deficits for my own family.

It’s the old ‘put the oxygen mask on yourself first.’

If attending four to five births per week, or being paid $5,000 per birth then staying in the profession would be possible and enjoyable.  Our current birth climate does not allow for either of those scenarios.

So, time to shift gears, and go in a new direction.

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