Back To School: Doula for Mom

So a birth doula is around for women and their families during pregnancy, labor, and birth.  But what does a doula do when none of her clients are in labor?  Well, me…I am out and about in my community!  Not just the birth community but my city-wide community.

Last week, I attended the 4th Annual Back To School & Back In Shape event hosted by Baby Boot Camp: St Petersburg.  Yes, I went for the free workout :} why not?!  But mainly I was there as a vendor.

For days and weeks leading up to the event I was in knots over “what to do?!” about my vendor booth display area.  We’ve all been to events with these kind of set-ups, whether they are large sales conventions or small indie marketplaces.  I wanted to do something different than that traditional kind of table display.  So I Did…Mom's Corner: a place for mom to just be comfortable.

Mom’s Corner: a place for mom to just be comfortable.


And Mom’s Corner was created!

With the space that was allotted to me as a vendor (which turned in to three spaces! because two of my neighbors didn’t show) I brought in furniture that was comfortable to sit in, two different types of essential oil diffusers, a vase of natural flowers, and a couple bowls of chocolate.  🙂   Instead of having a table with informative pamphlets or pictures and graphs, it made more sense to create a space for moms to just be comfortable being themselves…since that is at the essence of what doula’s do.

And come they did!  Moms came to sit and talk with one another.  Moms came to sit and feed their babes.  Moms came to chat with me.  It was a beautiful thing!!!

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