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Doulas: fee or for free?

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The question can be different than: should people pay money for my doula services, or should my gift to the community be my service as a doula?  Whether a doula works for a fee or for free makes little difference.

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What is a DOULA for?

Doulas attend births to help everyone there help the woman in labor.

For  all the years I have worked as a doula people have asked “what IS a doula?”  This post answers that question. Here I describe some of my ways of providing the services of a birth doula. The general idea

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Working Moms Breastfeeding


A colleague of mine, Cat Halek is an Infant Feeding Specialist (fka Lactation Counselor).  Cat talks with people about boobs, babies, and butts (the babies’ butts, because what goes in must come out ; ).  The conversations we have together about

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